Green Company Profile: Biogen


According to Newsweek’s article Top Green Companies in the World, Corporate Knights, and Forbes, the award for leading Green corporation of 2015 goes to Biogen: a global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing treatments for neurological, autoimmune and blood disorders.

This company succeeds not only sustainability, but in philanthropy, and committing to doing good for those that they serve and employ.

About the Company:

maxresdefaultFounded in 1978 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Biogen is one of the largest biotechnology firms in the world. It focuses on creating solutions and treating patients who have neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis and hemophilia, diseases with little to no treatment options. As marketers and manufacturers, it has been behind the medications Elcoctate, Rituxan, Avonex, Fampyra and others. The company also has numerous drugs in development and strives for transparency in its research and client treatment options.

What Makes It Green:

In June, Biogen released its annual Corporate Citizenship report, which announced the company’s achievement in carbon neutrality and commitment to corporate sustainability with the help of green-friendly building material providers like CutMyPlastic, Greenbuild Company and others.

“We were able to reach this milestone [in carbon neutrality] by continuing to invest in the sustainable innovations that have allowed us to reduce our operational carbon emissions intensity by 70 percent since 2006. We also funded renewable energy and carbon offset projects to cover the remaining emissions sources, which included internal operations, purchased electricity, employee commuting and business travel, and suppliers of products and services.”

As a company that uses a considerable amount of energy and produces a vast amount of waste, its ability to adjust the environmental consumption is deserving of immense corporate industry praise and modeling. Even as the corporation is experiencing immense growth on a worldwide scale, Biogen continues to dedicate its money and time to reducing its dependency of natural resources .

What’s Next for Biogen:

According to its annual report, Biogen has set its goal to achieve 80% of water emissions by 2020, 80% of greenhouse gas emissions and 99% solid waste to landfill reduction. In a matter of two years, its goals were achieved by 85%, and thus the likelihood that the company will continue to lead corporations in environmental sustainability is likely.

And in medicine, according to Multiple Sclerosis News Today, Biogen has presented new multiple sclerosis data and information on the new treatment therapy, TECFIDERA. Gill O’Neill, Vice President, commented on its new feat in Biogen’s October press release saying: “TECFIDERA’s compelling combination of benefits has made it the most-prescribed oral MS medication globally. At ECTRIMS, Biogen will present data that underscore the benefits of early treatment of RRMS with TECFIDERA and reaffirm its favorable benefit-risk profile in a broad range of patients.”

How You Can Work For Biogen:

Visit Biogen’s career page to learn about the careers available for you. There are a variety of opportunities available at the company, ranging from legal, human resource, research and marketing positions. Divided by category, the website allows you to look up the field you desire to work in and the location you desire.

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