Green Jobs represent new demand for labor that results from investments in transitioning our economy away from carbon-intensive energy, minimizing degradation of our natural resources, maximizing the efficient use of our natural capital, and protecting humans and the planet from pollution and waste.

–Goldstein, Hendricks and Light, of the Center for American Progress

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Welcome to Green Job Post.

This website exists to serve the exploding demand for careers that mean more than just a paycheck. Green jobs help create economic momentum for clean energy, sustainable food, green buildings, alternative methods of transportation, waste and pollution prevention, and so much more.

Green Job Post is part of the Important Media network, one of the world’s biggest sustainability media companies, with 3+ million monthly readers. This assures that Green Job Post will receive a steady influx of both highly qualified and motivated job seekers AND great job postings from some of the world’s most sustainable companies. So browse our recent listings, subscribe to the green job posting category of your choice, and let’s get on with building a more sustainable world, and great careers.

Top 5 reasons to work in sustainability

  1. Set yourself up for success. As the global economy shifts toward sustainability, green jobs will only continue to get more mainstream, meaning that working in the sustainable economy now gives you great career potential in the years to come. Dirty jobs in coal are going the way of the dodo. Green jobs in wind, solar, efficiency and organics are ONLY going to grow, and by getting in on the game now, you’re setting yourself up in an industry that’s going nowhere but up.
  2. Many green jobs pay very well. Clean tech engineers, green building contractors, green IT professionals, sustainability consultants and EHS managers may be among the best paid in the green jobs field. Architects and engineers working in sustainability can earn 30% or more than their conventional counterparts. We’ll be honest–the same survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics also also shows that “green” jobs in arts, entertainment and sports pay less than their conventional counterparts. (Link)
  3. Enjoy your work. Who hasn’t dreamed of being a ecotour guide or helping to develop a technology that can help the world avoid climate crisis?
  4. Work with great people. You’re here, after all, right? Why wouldn’t you want to work with other people who are smart, motivated, and interesting, and who also place high value on making the world a better place?
  5. Stand up proud and tall. Perhaps most important, working in a green job means that you get to feel good about what you’re doing. You’re leaving a great legacy, and let’s face it, when you go to cocktail parties or backyard BBQs, and people ask you what you do, wouldn’t it be nice to tell them that you work every day to make the world a better, cleaner place?

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