A Bright Future for Careers in Green Transit


From electric cars to solar powered trains, major strides have been made in the world of transit over the last decade.

Environmental sustainability is literally “on the move” and growth in the green travel sector promises jobs for those with a background in mechanics, engineering, programming and transit operation. Initiatives in bus and train travel are occurring in cities throughout the country and conscious commuters are making transportation choices from work to home and leisure activities more “green.”

The opportunities for one to get involved on a local scale are becoming easier to come by, so if the 4401516020_6e45f53a8e_o (1)announcement of The Hyperloop excited you, here is a list of green transit job positions you’ll want to look out for in the coming months:

Bus Drivers

Average Salary: $30,000

According to US News and World Report, the category of bus drivers falls under the “Best Jobs: Social Services” category. As a bus driver, one is not only contributing to sustainable living choices but is also a friendly face at the beginning and end of a person’s work day. If you consider yourself to be outgoing, kind and friendly and have a valid license, consider taking a commercial driving test and get behind the wheel of a Coach USA or Greyhound bus.

After one receives training and a bus driving position at a local charter or community bus center, bus drivers are given a route that they sustain for months or years at a time. It will be necessary for bus drivers to monitor weather reports, maintain calm in harsh conditions and ensure passenger safety regulations at all times. Besides a high school diploma, review requirements for a school or commercial bus driver at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Automotive Engineers

Average Salary: $84,000

If you love cars and have a background in engineering, consider looking into the field of automotive engineering. Automotive engineers have the privilege of working with all types of vehicles from passenger cars and motorcycles to off-roaders and trucks. By specializing in the technicalities of different automotive systems, automotive engineers have the unique career opportunity to understand the facets of different kinds of engines. The future looks to promise more and more options, you are not stuck trying to work for one of the big companies and end up at Chevy Dealerships, as more and more of this sector opens up we will see a resurgence in the automobile market at last.

An automotive engineer must possess skills in math, software, safety, and electronics. In this field, one will learn how fast vehicles can travel, where they can travel and how far they can be pushed to the limit. Imagine working on the safety mechanics with an OBD2 scanner and electric capabilities of a new sustainable, green car like the Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt.

Locomotive Engineers

Average Salary: $57,000

The technology behind train and railway transit is up and coming. As public transit continues to improve and reduce human impact on the environment, sustainable technologies that utilize renewable energy are growing in usage in this field. The US High Speed and Rail Association is an organization dedicated to creating high-speed rail systems that are clean and sustainable. Electric trains can be entirely powered by solar, wind and/or thermal energy, and as more of these are coming into production, locomotive engineers will be high in demand.

A locomotive engineer supports public and environmentally friendly alternative forms of transit by moving trains from one location to another. Depending on the type of train one may operate, a locomotive engineer could be carrying passengers all the way from New York to Boston or delivering cargo from California to New Mexico. For the lover of travel, this position offers the chance to view both country and city life.  As a locomotive operator, you’ll be monitoring equipment and working with engineers to ensure the vehicle is operating at perfect condition, sometimes on weekends, holidays and hectic weather episodes. If you’re interested in the field of solar powered transit, check out the Indian Railways launch of the solar powered train. View the education and career path at study.com.

Train Operators

Average Salary: $80,000

For those who love trains but lack an engineering background, a Train Operator position may be the perfect occupational fit. Train Operators, or Conductors, are responsible for the safe passage of passengers via railroad transportation. Conductors must adhere to strict safety guidelines, work under harsh weather conditions and ensure compliance with state, federal and regional regulatory guidelines.

According to the Conductor Job description page for Amtrak, the only regularly scheduled intercity railroad company in the USA, one must have agile senses and keen intuition in order to fill the role as a Conductor. Furthermore, one must be willing to dedicate a significant portion of their time to travel. In addition to occasionally being called twice within a 24 hour period, one must be willing to devote time around the holidays and weekends to the position.

Transportation Planners

Average Salary: $80,000

Are you a concise writer, organized and a good leader? If so, you may have the skills needed to become a transportation planner. Most people within this role have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, management, marketing or research. A preferable degree track is one in community or industrial planning, and 25% of people in this role have earned a master’s degree in this field. And since transportation causes the greatest amount of emissions, a transportation planner has an immense amount of control over the environmentalism and energy efficiency of entire cities.

According to work.chron.com, the duties of a transportation planner include analyzing transportation data within a town or city and work to improve or change existing current or future roadway or railway infrastructures. After reviewing and creating a plan, one must carry out changes within strict budgets and timelines set by the community. BEcause transportaion planners often have to present their suggestions for improvement to client and government regulatory boards, it is imperative that a transportation planners writing is clear and grammatically correct.

Transportation and Logistics Manager

Average Salary: $83,890

A logistics manager’s job is to direct all shipping and storage transportation for a company. This position is required in every industry, and job growth for this position is expected to increase by 5% according to study.com. A degree in a business management field is the minimum education requirement for a transportation, logistics or distribution manager and may require working within a warehouse or storage location. It is important for companies to reduce the amount of energy they use for the travel and shipment of goods and services domestically and internationally; thus a transportation manager holds great responsibility when it comes to the impact one can have on an industry’s energy consumption and energy reduction.

Depending on what industry a transportation manager finds him or herself in, there may be nuanced requirements and regulations for what can and cannot be shipped in weight, size and quantity. Oftentimes a transportation and logistics manager is responsible for running teams within a warehouse. This means that they will need to understand the different types of equipment used within the warehouse, such as forklifts and pallet jackets, as well as the safety requirement needed for workers in order to run these machines. Moreover, daily tasks include reporting to upper management, reviewing budgets, forecasting logistics and company demands over monthly and yearly periods.

For further reading on sustainable transit, check out the following websites:

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