How To Post a Job

1. Click on “Post a Job” in the top right sidebar or “Create Listing” tab in top navigation

menu: Depending on what device you’re using to view this site, the Post a Job button may show up at the top or bottom. Either of these will get you where you need to go.

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2. Pick your listing plan: How long do you want to run the job listing for? Would you like it featured on the home page, or on the category page? Do you want this listing to automatically renew if the job is not filled? We offer several different listing plans, so pick the one that best fits your situation.

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3. Fill out the job details: Enter the job title in the top field, and then the address or location in the field below that, so we can pinpoint the job on our map and make it easier for job seekers to find, based on location. If this job is location-independent you can fill in the company headquarters location, and specify in the job listing that the applicant can be located anywhere as the job is virtual.




4. Categorize the job: We have a wide range of green job categories to choose from, so check the appropriate boxes (more than one category may apply). If you don’t see a certain green job category listed, but think we really need it, please drop us a line and let us know.




5. Enter your email address: Once you’ve chosen the category, two more forms will appear directly below. The first is for your email address. This is strictly for internal use only, and will not be displayed on the public version of the listing, even if the preview of the listing displays it. This email address will be used for all correspondence from us to you about this job listing.




6. Describe your company: The Company Description form is the second of the two forms to appear after the category is chosen (see above). This form is meant for a basic description of your company, and will show up on the listing above the job description.

7. Enter the job description and any other info about the listing: For the job description, try to lead off with a general introduction to the job itself, before getting into the details. This first sentence will be what job seekers will see first when looking at a page of listings. After that, be as specific as possible about the duties and responsibilities of the job, and then list any and all qualifications for the job, so most questions from potential job seekers will be answered within the description. Many companies have found it helpful to include information about the company culture and working conditions, as well as info about any potential benefits, in the listing.




8. Upload photos or logos, if desired: Directly under the job description form is a place for you to upload any photos or images or a company logo, if you like. Please try to keep images under 700px wide, and at web resolution (200 to 400kb file size). The images can be displayed inside the job description itself.

9. Enter a single or multiple keyword as a tag: The Tags field is a place to put keywords (comma separated) describing the job or industry (i.e. solar installer, graywater, CSA, LEED, etc.), and could help job seekers drill down further when searching the site, but isn’t required.




10. Enter your public contact info: The following company contact information will be displayed on the public listing if it is entered into these fields: phone number, website URL, Twitter account, Facebook page. For the website URL, only enter the information after the http:// of the domain (i.e., not This will be automatically hyperlinked on the listing. For the Twitter account, only enter your username, not the full account URL (i.e. GreenJobPost, not, and this will show up as @YourTwitter on your listing. For the Facebook field, only enter the part of the URL after (i.e. GreenJobPost, not




Our team will review your job post and, assuming all is as it should be, publish it live on our listing pages.

If we have any questions about your listing, we will contact you using the contact info submitted above.


Ready to get started? Post a Green Job

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